Szarlotka (Polish Apple Pie) from Curious Cuisiniere

Szarlotka (Polish Apple Pie)

It may be different than the American classic you typically think of when you hear “apple pie,” but don’t be deceived, this Polish version is just as tasty.

Crock Pot Caramelized Mushroom Roast from Curious Cuisiniere

Crock Pot Caramelized Mushroom Roast

The crock pot makes this Christmas Roast an easy and elegant main dish, perfect for a crowd. Pair it with Lewis Station Winery’s newest release for a real treat!

Fluffy Dinner Rolls from Curious Cuisiniere

Fluffy White Dinner Rolls

Light and fluffy, homemade dinner rolls are easy to make in the bread machine or by hand. Treat your family to something special!

French Bread from Curious Cuisiniere

Yeast and Other Leavening Agents

Why use baking soda vs baking powder? And, what’s up with the different types of yeast? We’re taking a look into different leavening agents that make our baked goods so light and fluffy.