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Curious What??

We get that a lot.

Cuisinière (pronounced kwee-ZEEN-yehr) is the French word for a female cook. This site was started when it was just Sarah running the show, but we both believe it’s a lot better now that Tim’s around to balance things out.

We’re cooking the way back to our roots.

We’re on a journey to learn what it means to cook wholesome food the way it has been done for ages, using real ingredients and relying on the wisdom and recipes of generations past.

A look into our past is not complete without exploring the impact of culture. Between our family’s French, Polish and German roots and your families’ Italian, Mexican, Indian and so many others, we span the globe. But, no matter the culture, the creations of their kitchens and the celebrations of their lives revolved around what the seasons yielded.

Here at Curious Cuisiniere, our goal is to help you understand the cultural history behind the dishes and to provide you with easy to use resources for understanding the ingredients and flavors.

Take a journey back to your roots and bring wholesome cooking, inspired by your past, back into your home.

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