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Hot Cross Buns with Curious Cuisiniere

Hot Cross Buns

Spiced, fruit-studded hot cross buns are a delicious Easter treat and have quite a bit of folklore associated with them.

Naan from Curious Cuisiniere


Soft and chewy Naan is the perfect accompaniment to a saucy curry or dal.

Meatball Sub Ring from Curious Cuisiniere

Meatball Sub Ring

The classic meatball sub, transformed into a stunning dish to serve a crowd. Perfect for game day or any party day!

Fluffy Dinner Rolls from Curious Cuisiniere

Fluffy White Dinner Rolls

Light and fluffy, homemade dinner rolls are easy to make in the bread machine or by hand. Treat your family to something special!

Basic Focaccia from Curious Cuisiniere #Italian #breadbaking

Basic Focaccia

This soft and chewy foccacia bread makes a great addition to any meal and a fun fix to that pizza craving.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

I’ve had my grandma’s bagel recipe for a couple of years now.  I would see it every time I flipped through the baking section of my recipe binder and think, “I should really make that one of these days.”  Truth be told, I was afraid of the bagel recipe.  Make …

Parsley Onion Oat Buns and Bread

Parsley-Onion Oat Bread

  If not for the oats sprinkled on top, this bread would never tell its secret.  It has the taste and consistency of a traditional white loaf, but you can feel good about the extra grains and fiber that are tucked inside.  Even better, you really don’t need to go …