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Mango Lime Fajitas - Curious Cuisiniere

Mango Lime Fajitas

Taking a cue from the Caribbean flavors we are still craving after our Jamaican honeymoon, Tim couldn’t pass up some mangoes in the store last week.  While we love eating them straight up or in baked goods, I couldn’t help wanting to try to make a more savory dish with …

Avocado Lime Pasta

Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat (that’s one of the good kinds), have more potassium than a banana (per 100 g), and are a good source of both insoluble and soluble fiber.  And they give us guacamole. How awesome is that? In college, my roommates and I decided to get …

Zucchini Lime Bread

Zucchini Lime Quick Bread

Yes, this may sound like a bit of an odd combo.  I got quite the interesting reaction upon bringing this to a recent gathering.  People got excited at the sound of zucchini bread, and then stopped.  Lime? I was thinking spring and wishing for tropical beaches as the temperatures retreated …

Citrus Ginger Slaw

Citrus Ginger Slaw

Marmalade and lime juice create a bright and tangy dressing for this cabbage slaw that is chock full of colorful veggies.