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Mini Cherry Pies from Curious Cuisiniere

Mini Cherry Pies

These hand-held pies a bursting with juicy cherry goodness and are the perfect make-ahead dessert.

Tart Cherry Chili from Curious Cuisiniere

Tart Cherry Chili

You’ll find a couple unexpected ingredients in this Tart Cherry Chili. Including carrots and the cherries themselves, who would think their sweet and tart nature would be perfect for a chili?

Black Forest Frozen Yogurt from Curious Cuisiniere

Black Forest Frozen Yogurt

Dark chocolate and tart cherries bring a wonderful flavor combination to this lighter frozen dessert in a take on the traditional German Black Forest Cake.

Tart Cherry Bran Muffins - Curious Cuisiniere

Tart Cherry Bran Muffins

    Bran muffins can be somewhat of a tricky subject.  You think bran muffin and you think healthy, maybe not just because of the bran, but because they taste healthy – low flavor, dense, and dry. I’m quite determined that this doesn’t have to be the case.  And these …

Chocolate Cherry Truffle Mice | Curious Cuisiniere

Halloween Surprise Truffle Mice

Happy Halloween! I saw these mice first on Elle’s New England Kitchen and thought the idea was ingenious.  A mouse-shaped truffle with a “bloody’ cherry center: who doesn’t like a truffle, and cherries and chocolate are the perfect pairing.

Black Forest Cake - Curious Cuisiniere

Black Forest Cake

As we are away in sandier locales, enjoying married life, I leave you with a post inspired by the recipe and event that inspired our wedding cake.  Enjoy!