Pancake Wrapped Sausages – An Attempt

The sausages made me do it.


In the sample pack I received from Gold’n Plump were some apple maple chicken breakfast sausages.

You can stop for a minute to take that all in.

I hear sausage, and I think pancakes. Sorry, but I do.

And, in an attempt to be a bit more creative, I think I jumped off the deep end.

You know those sausages that are wrapped in pancakes and deep-fried?  The ones you find in the freezer section or at state fair?  I wanted to recreate them, with chicken sausage, without the deep fry.

Crazy you say?


Do these look  fried to you?

Man, you’re quick.

There’s a reason you will find no recipe with this post, only a string of hopefully amusing photos.

But first, how did chicken breakfast sausages fare?

Slightly sweet and maple-ly with just enough kick to wake up your mouth on a sleepy Saturday.  As we’ve found out with the chicken brats, they cook up a bit quicker and whiter than the pork version, so watching them in the pan is key.  In a similar fashion to the chicken hot Italians, they wouldn’t pass a blind taste test for pork breakfast links, but they make for a very tasty, lighter alternative.

If you’d like to try using these bad boys in a recipe of your own, or even if you want to stick to the familiar side of life and simply accessorize a pancake breakfast with them.  Then don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for your chance to win a sample pack of chicken sausages!

Now, are you ready to play a bit?  Don’t worry, there is light at the end of this painful tunnel.

We cooked up some sausages.  This part went well.  They smelled awesome!

We though, let’s make pancake batter, but make it a bit thicker.  That way it would stick to the sausages.

The first try we coated pretty good.  The second, we went a bit lighter.

And then things fell apart.  It’s not the sausage’s fault.  We should have ate them with normal pancakes.  Like normal people.

The oven didn’t make things any better.  Sad sausages.

At this point we decided to throw it all to the wind and just try a pan method of the deep fry.

This actually worked.  Surprise!  There’s a reason these things are normally deep fried.

Maybe we’ll have to try them again write down the recipe for you all.  (The fried version – of course.)


DISCLOSURE – Thanks to Gold’n Plump for supplying me with these sausages to try.  I was provided these chicken brats free of charge and asked to review them.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, honest thoughts and have not been influenced in any way.

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